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London Property Investment still attractive despite Brexit

London will remain an attractive location for commercial property investment in Europe despite Brexit although some banks and financial organisations may move out of the city, new research suggests. They could look to take space in other European cities such as Frankfurt and Berlin as a result of the decision by the UK to leave […]

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Cayman Islands Property Market

I would like to begin my updates this year with an over-arching look at the current state of Cayman Islands property market. We begin this new year buoyed by the successful performance over the past 12 months of Cayman Islands property market, which has strengthened significantly in most areas. In the most part, we head […]

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Pound To Euro Exchange Rate In 2017

Pound to Euro exchange rate is set to soar against the euro in 2017 as political unrest intensifies across Europe. Britain’s currency is on its way to rise significantly against the sliding euro, according to experts.The EUR/GBP rate will fall to 0.8, down from the current 0.85.   That’s the prediction from Xtrade’s Chief Analyst Paul […]

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Spanish Property Market has a good year in 2016

2016 has been a good year for the Spanish property market. Spanish properties enjoyed steady price growth and an encouraging transaction rate during the year. House sales in Spain have recorded a 15% rise on the previous year and ten consecutive quarters of growth, which means that the Spanish property market crash officially ended in […]

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Dubai Rentals will drive the property market

Demand for smaller, affordable units from tenants will put pressure on prices this year in the Dubai rentals market. If we reflect on recent market activity, Dubai is nearing a point of maturity and stabilisation over recent years, while following an upward trend in many areas of the emirate. The property market has performed well following the […]

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UK Housing Market Up In 2016

Stamp duty and the EU referendum or Brexit as it better known have been two significant influences on the UK Housing Market in 2016. Stamp duty changes introduced two years ago had already started to have an impact at the top of the UK housing market, where the upfront cost of buying a home had increased […]

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Central London Property Market Sales Rising

Despite a backdrop of political uncertainty, sales volumes are rising in the central London property market as lower asking prices release pent-up demand, according to the latest research. Indeed, November was the second highest month for sales volumes in 2016 after a stamp duty spike in March, says the analysis report from international real estate […]

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Caribbean Property Market starts to recover

The Caribbean property market was affected by the global economic crisis of 2008 and is slowly recovering with the main locations for overseas buyers set for a more positive 2017. Some challenges remain in the residential property market, most notably an oversupply in some areas and uncertainty over how Donald Trump’s presidency will affect the […]

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Istanbul housing prices decline amid oversupply

Istanbul Housing prices have dropped up to 20 percent in several parts of the city due to a glut in the housing sector after large-scale urban transformation projects created an oversupply in the market. The supply and demand equilibrium in the sector has faded away, according to sector representatives. The decreasing trend in housing prices […]

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Will rich Russians enter back into U.S. Property Market?

In the last month inquiries among Russians about homes in the United States have grown by more than a third, giving the U.S. property market a chance to take back its place among the five most popular countries for Russian buyers of foreign real estate. In 2015, due to the deterioration of political relations between […]

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Irish House Prices: undervalued and scope for increase

Houses undervalued by nearly 15 per cent in 2015, scope for price rises into 2017. Irish house prices were undervalued by close to 15 per cent in 2015, a new report from the European Commission shows. And despite recent price gains, the report suggests there is scope for prices to increase further. In an analysis of […]

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